Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bigfoot Discovery Museum Blog and Movie.

I stopped by the Bigfoot Discovery Museum today to return the "Bigfoot Man or Beast" video. Mike said he had changed his blog address. It is now You should check it out if you are interested in bigfoot. While I was there I also checked out "Myths and Monsters" that is five episodes of "In Search Of" that deals with bigfoot/yeti. Someone on eBay had packaged the five episodes with some kind of cheezy cover. Anji and I will watch it tonight and see how it is.

I also have a movie review for you...

Me and You and Everyone We Know

This movie was pretty good and a bit different than the normal fair. It is about a couple different people and the way their lives interact in strange and weird ways. It is also about one of the characters kids. I liked the scene where the teenage kid had to choose which girl gave the best blowjob, but the rest of the movie is good too. The woman that wrote and directed is also the main star. We did not realize this till the end, but it makes sense. This main character is very artsy in a wacky kind of way, and it shows in the vibe of the movie.

We had to rent it at the local movie rental shop, because we are getting throttled by Netflix.


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