Thursday, January 26, 2006 is now downloading fine

Well, since this is the official blog of, I guess I should give you some updates.

I got word from Aric that the songs were not downloading. I tried it, and he was right, they weren't working. I sent a email off to the techs and it seems to be working now.

So, that means you need to go there right now and download our songs. These songs were all made up on the spot. Even the lyrics. We just start jammin and hit the record button and record what comes about. Some of them are pretty good. My favorites from the first session are...

Feel it in the Air
In the Morning

Anji sings on Rosalinda, but I sing on the other two. There are more songs on the website that Anji sings on, so download them all. These songs get better towards the end of each song, as by that time we start to get into the groove, so give em a chance.


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