Sunday, July 16, 2006

Robert Scoble needs a Custom Fountain.

Well, here I am posting to my blog again. It has been awhile. I have been reading Robert Scoble and been very inspired. Inspired by a Geek... That is funny.

Writing about one's personal life is what makes a blog good. (At least that is one of the things I like about Scoble's blog). Writing about one's thoughts and feelings make it interesting. Putting your last name on your blog posts takes a bit of faith. Faith that someone wont' track you down and beat you.

My last name is Rose.

Robert says in his blog that "If I can't find you on Google, why would I hire you?" or something like that. I guess I need to start to get my name out there... Not that I am looking for a new job... But it is good to be known?

I got my Dad to sign up for a blog today. I am going to be his "blogmaster". It is a business blog about his custom fountains. Go check it out at Once again, Robert Scoble says that business blogs are a really good thing. Well, Robert is moving into a new house, so maybe he can order one of pop's great designs at

Speaking of family, me and my wife Anji are going to have a baby! This is going to happen in like the next four weeks or so. We got a stroller/infant seat today. That seems to be the one thing about getting a baby. Lots of Gear. This stroller is pretty bad ass, you know, for a stroller.

Oh yeah, don't forget to check out my vlog. Greg's Video Blog. Lots more action going on over there than here.

Hopefully my lack of posting the written word will change soon, at least that is what Eric Rice recommends we should do.
It is the new 2.0 way. Gotta get your name out there.



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