Friday, May 19, 2006

Spreading myself too thin?

Ok, it seems I have not posted in a week, so it is time for a post.

Well, I have not posted at this particular blog, but, if you have been checking out my videoblog page, you will see that I have been posting there.

Now that I have the video blog page, it is so much more fun to create posts over there than just typing, like I do here, so this page is a bit laggy (is that a word?)

Also, it is fun to add music to the video posts, even though I am sure I will get "busted" sometime by the RIAA or something. I guess if I don't use Metalica music, Lars won't come after me and I will be ok.

Another reason I have not posted is that I was out of town in Minneapolis Minnesota for a short vacation.

Minneapolis is a pretty hip city, for being in the Midwest. They have the world's largest spoon there. The spoon is really a sculpture that is in the Minneapolis sculpture garden, outside the Walker Art Center. The Walker Art Center was very cool, with lots of modern art. I like modern art, even if it is a bit strange sometimes. Anyway, the Walker has a good collection and if you ever go to Minneapolis, you should check it out.

Minneapolis also has the World's Largest Mall, the Mall of America. I did not think the mall was that big, even though it employs close to 12,000 people. The "footprint" of the mall did not seem any bigger than other malls I have been to, but the deal is that it is four stories high. That is where it gets you.

All and all, it is good to be home.

If you want to see images from the trip, you will have to go to my video blog, as I will be posting video from Minneapolis this week.

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