Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Web 2.0 accomplishments

So, I have a couple of Web 2.0 accomplishments under my belt now. These things are no big deal, but then again, I think they are kind of cool. These are things I had thought to myself "It would be kind of cool if..." at one time or another and they just kind of happened.

Thought #1... Wow, it would be cool to get my picture taken by the photographer of Web 2.0, Thomas Hawk. This happened last year at the Vloggies.

Greg and Anji Rose

Thought #2... Hey, it would be cool to get on VallyWag. This happened yesterday, when I nominated myself for the Hot Vlog contest. Valleywag has brought a bit of traffic to gregsvideoblog, so hopefully people will come back.

If you read this blog in time, you can go there and vote for me.

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