Saturday, October 14, 2006

Second Life down

I am a resident of Second Life. I don't know if you have heard of Second Life or not, but it is this whole Virtual World, where people interact. This world has commerce, music, and "anything you can imagine, you can build" type of rules. It is kind of a trippy place.

Some people are totally into it and have invested lots and lots of time and energy into this virtual world. I have a little bit of time invested in it. I am still trying to figure everything out. I have like $40 "Linden Dollars" and a bunch of crazy crap I won at "The Matrix" club/casino.

Anyway, every time I want to get onto Second Life, I have to download an "update". Every single time I have to do this, because I only log onto Second Life every couple of weeks or so. (Your "Avatar" just hangs out somewhere while you are gone, it is creepy). The only time you don't have to download the new version is if you log on in the next few days after you downloaded the new version. It seems that each version of the software is only good for about a week or so.

So, I just downloaded the newest version the other day, so I thought I would jump in world and "hang out" for a bit...

But now the system is down for maintaining. That totally sucks.

I am glad I don't have anything invested there. Then I would be totally bummed.



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