Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I like craigslist...

I like craigslist. I really like craigslist. I used to check out craigslist everyday to see what kind of stuff people were selling. Now I don't look at it anymore. I just post things for sale. Everything I have and want to get rid of, I post on craigslist. I just sold a piece of furniture this weekend and now there is more space in the front room, and I got money in my pocket. Cash money paid and space to boot, can't get much better than that. You usually don't even need to leave your house. People come to you and pay you money and take your unwanted things away. It is truly amazing.

I think the wierdest thing I have ever sold on craigslist was the old range hood that goes over the stove. This thing was from 1956 I am pretty sure, and it had not been cleaned since at least 1988. I sold it for $20. The guy who bought it wanted the "squirrel cage" out of it, which is the fan. They are much better than today's fans, don't you know. No, seriously, they are. The guy even told me so.

I've sold three bikes on craigslist, hotwheels, a CD tower, sheets, my 68' VW van, a wetsuit, a snowboard, chairs, a Nordic Trac, a giant cabinet thing and an acoustic guitar.

Things that I bought/bartered or services rendered I found on craigslist include: my diesel Mercedes and I found a local guy to do the conversion to veggie, my pocket PC, slot car track, and the caterer to my wedding. The list is not quiet as long as the selling list, but I have found some quality things on craigslist. I highly recomend you go to craigslist and buy some stuff.

Woah! This just in, I did a Technocrati search of craigslist, and I came across this crazy post about the great dog debate on craigslist. Check out this blog.


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