Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Vortex is spinning faster.

So, awhile ago I read this story that I found on one of my all-time favorite web pages, (I don't really read Rense too much anymore, because it gets me so angry and sometimes it is easier to live in the dark.)

This story was full of "New Age" stuff and Mayan Calendar 2012 info and the Great Cross at Hendaye. It was an "interesting" story and I liked it. One of the main points is how we are spiraling down to the "singularity" that will happen at 2012 and everything is going faster and faster and getting crazier and crazier.

I am not doing a very good job at explaining it, so why don't you just read about it here.

The main thing that I got out of the story is that everything is going faster and faster and getting more and more crazy. I think this is very true and it can't go on forever before something has to give.

Soon, it will be physically impossible to shove any more bad stuff into a day. I mean, have you seen the headlines lately? They are crazy! Can we really fit more bad news into a day?

That is why I liked the article, even thought it is talking about some crazy ideas, they are still rooted in the truth - that things are getting crazier every day.

So, when I read this blog that was on the, I found it very cool and I totally agreed with the author.

The title of the blog was called "Click! I Quit" and the first line is "More. Faster. Louder. More. More. Faster. Louder. More." It seems that other folks are feeling the pressure and noticing that shit is piling up pretty quick these days. It seems that this person too is feeling the spin of the vortex.

So yes, now we have proof that the spinning vortex is a real phenomenon, because we have two articles on the internet about it, so therefore it must be true.

Now that you know this, what are you going to do about it? Well, knowing something is half the battle. Once you realize that things are getting more and more crazy, and the days are going by faster, just prepare yourself mentally for it. Know that you have to get things done today and try to keep up on your responsibilities. Because if you don't shit will pile up faster than you can handle, and then you get behind and that is no good.

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