Thursday, April 20, 2006

Michelle Malkin

Well, remember a couple of days ago when I just at random mentioned Michelle Malkin's blog? I don't know if you went there that day and read it, but she happened to be talking about some kind of flap with UC Santa Cruz students. I did not pay much attention, even though it is news from "my backyard". (for those that don't know their geography, Felton six miles from downtown Santa Cruz). See, I live here and I know how easy it is for the UCSC students to get mad and protest something. As a matter of fact, there was just some "SUV vandalism" last week, so I am used to somebody protesting something.

Anyway, I just did a technorati search and it seems that Michelle Malkin is the number one search. I guess she is some kind of "right winger" (*gasp) and people are all up in arms about the UCSC flap.

Bloggers are even posting her phone number.

I don't really care, and I am not even sure what it is about.

I just want to pimp some traffic from technorati.

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