Friday, July 21, 2006

Getting closer to proving Bigfoot is real.

I am a believer in Bigfoot. My buddy said to me "Dude, you seem like an intelligent person, why do you think Bigfoot is real?". I answered him that there is lots and lots of legitimate evidence that points in the direction that this is a real creature, but you never hear about this evidence. Once you start to read about the stories, you see that it is possible.

I came across a story out of Texas today. Seems the local TV station sent out one of their reporters on a Bigfoot hunt. The reporter of course was a skeptic when he started the hunt. However, it seems that there was a Bigfoot in the area where they were searching. This is what the reporter has to say..

"For me there was an uneasy sense of eyes being on us. Limbs crashing down in the distance. I was skeptical before tonight, but after seeing the footprints and the scratch marks and dig marks and seeing something that I think was very big and moving at a high rate of speed through the woods, I may have to rethink that. "

I find that pretty interesting. Obviously something happened that was real enough for the reporter to change his tune. It takes a lot for a "legitimate" news reporter to say what he said, that there is a possibility that these creatures are real. This is a HUGE statement in my opinion.

Kids, we are getting real close to having some real proof that these creature exist. It is an exciting time.



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