Friday, August 11, 2006

Is YouTube maturing?

I have noticed that the YouTube community is slowly starting to change it's culture. YouTube is known for its totally useless videos, from car crashes, to high school girls dancing in their pajamas and singing Madonna.

This it seems to me is starting to change. While totally stupid videos still are the majority of clips at YouTube, it seems that actual video blogs are starting to become more prevalent.

For example, I came across this very interesting video from someone that calls himself "Renetto". It seems that Renetto was a bit of a YouTube celebrity because of his totally silly and annoying character that he did. Well, Renetto got sick of his character and has confessed that he is really not like that. Now he wants to harness the true power of YouTube and he has some very interesting thought on the YouTube culture. I hope this is a preview of what is to come from everyone's favorite TV alternative.

Another user that has just started posting is geriatric1927. This guy from England is 78 years old and addicted to YouTube! Now, he decides that he can make a video and post just as easy as anyone else. You have to see this old man. He is great! He is really into the "youth culture" and wants to be a part of it.

This I feel is a very exciting use of YouTube. People are actually starting to post their thoughts and feelings on everyday life. It is very inspiring to see geriatric1927 start to post and hear what he has to say, as he is a member of the senior demographic. It is great to see how warmly his videos are received by the kids on YouTube. Where else in today's society are seniors and the youths "hanging out" in the same space, learning from each other?

Congratulations YouTube community, I think you are finally onto something good. I think if this attitude spreads that YouTube could actually change the world. Seriously. Lets hope this trend is here to stay.



At 12:41 PM, Blogger EA said...

Love all your work, the veggie car, your ideals, and the movement that is taking place today all over, as well as YouTube. Keep up your good work, and may we all come together to bring about real change!!


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