Wednesday, February 01, 2006 2

Ok, I just posted the second session of “”. I am pretty sure it is the second session, but I am not sure. In this session we have Will on guitar, Dave on bass, Anji singing and I play drums. We do mix it up. For example on the song “I’m a lot like you” Dave is on the drums, Will is playing bass and I am on guitar Even though I can’t play guitar, I am still playing guitar. The songs I like on this session are “Little Things” and “Imagine if you sucked”. I like the “imagine” song because it is the first time I tried to play drums and sing at the same time. I think it is pretty good, but what do I know. I think you should download it and decide for yourself


At 11:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I can write all I want.

Yes, imagine if you sucked...

"I had a truckers' hat on."

It's a very country song.

I don't think Angel has appeared on any of the songs yet. Jan 30th and APril 8th 2005.



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