Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Irresponsible pet owners should burn in hell!

Well, it has been a sad day here for the last couple of days as our cat "Mayhem" has been missing. To make a long story short, it seems that a neighbor's dog got out, ran the neighborhood and ended up attacking and mauling our cat. Luckily, we have other neighbors that are very nice and saw the whole thing happen. They rescued our cat and took it to the Vet and paid $800 out of their own pocket to pay the Vet and save our cat. We just got Mayhem back yesterday and he is pretty tore up. All kinds of stitches, and now he has three "drain tubes" in his chest and belly. Also, it looks like some permanent eye damage and possible brain damage. The cat is seriously messed up, and it still might not live. He is under 24 hour watch and the vets are coming back again today to check on the poor guy.

The owner of the dog does not seem to care (We know who it is) and has not tried to contact us. Looks like I am going to have to write him a letter to see if he will take responsibility for the actions of his pet. The guy is a complete dumb-ass so I doubt if he will do anything. If not, it will be my first time suing anyone. I was raised not to sue anyone, but people have to pay for their mistakes and take responsibility for their animals.

Of course, he could have skipped all this drama if he actually took the time to train the dog not to run the neighborhood when it escapes, but that obviously did not happen.

I just want the cat to be ok. We are so glad that Mayhem is back home because we were going crazy not knowing where the cat was or what happened to it.


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