Friday, March 10, 2006

Snow on Hwy 17

There was snow on Highway 17 on the way home from work today. I have never seen that much snow on the summit before. Luckily I had my trusty cameraphone and was able to take some shots. Here they are.







I am glad I had the cameraphone. That thing is fun.

In other blogging news, I have added a section on the right of all my on-line profiles, so you can check it out.

Make sure to check out It is a brand new website where you post your favorite places on the earth. The idea is to fill it up with all kinds of insider info on what is good and where to find it. Very Web 2.0. Anyway, it has only been on-line like five days or so. Hopefully it will become very popular. I signed up for it and you can see my two posts when you check my profile in the right hand box, or just click here.

I also made my bloglines RSS feed reader public (also known as a blogroll). Now you can check out the RSS feeds I view. They are on the right, or you can check them out here.


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