Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Meat Puppets rock and so does the internet.

I was just listening to the Meat Puppets. They are a really great band that I have been a fan of since the early 90's. I have bought most of their albums and they really are a talented bunch of LSD taking fools. I think I heard somewhere along the line they take LSD, but who really knows.

I just like to keep the myth alive.

I wondered if other bloggers were talking about the Meat Puppets, so I checked on Technorati but not too many folks are interested in the Meat Puppets, and the ones that are, mostly know them because of the Nirvana unplugged album. However, when I was snooping around, I found Derek Bostrom's webpage. He is the drummer of the Meat Puppets. While I was there checking out his page, I found out that the band had been broken up since 1996. I had no idea, but hey, I am getting older these days and don't really keep up on my favorite bands anymore. I have a poster from 1994 I got at a Fillmore show that has been hanging on various walls at many places since I got it.

Here is a picture of the poster that I just took with my cameraphone and then emailed to my flicker account. The wonders of modern science.

Pix006.jpgEven though the Meat Puppets have been broken up for like 10 years, they still have new product. Just recently I bought a Meat Puppets DVD that has a bunch of poor quality video of various shows they played. I really like the DVD, even though the video quality is crap. The sound quality is fine, and the video rocks in general. I also like the interview with Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth. He tells this great story about the first time he heard the Meat Puppets (Sonic Youth was opening). All the "Punks" kept yelling at Sonic Youth to "Play Faster" and then the Meat Puppets came out and played so fast that the kids were blown away. At least that is what he said in the video.

I remember the first time I saw them was at the Universal Amphitheater around 1991 and they were opening for the Violent Femms. I had never heard them before, and by the end of the set, I was hooked. It is rare that I instantly like any band, but these guys were rockin'. I really liked the harmonies, the "country" sound and the fast beat.

If you want to hear their set, here is a link to a Fillmore show that was from the same tour that hooked me when I first saw them. Check out the free mp3's of the Meat Puppets live set from 1991.

I think the Meat Puppets were one of the great underground bands that stayed underground till the end. That is cool for the fans, but it kind of sucks for the band, since they never "made it big". Rock and Roll is a hard business and you have to give them props for getting out there and playing all the small clubs and gigs. I just think they were a good band that was unique with their own sound. The Meat Puppets were a group of very talented musicians that hold an important place in the history of Rock.


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