Thursday, April 13, 2006

Cool things I saw this week.

Ok then. I just wanted to post a quick post to share with you some cool things I have seen this week. Hopefully, you will like these "news stories", but who really knows anyhow? Not me.

Cool thing #1
Santa Cruz school buses have just started to run off of biodiesel in the grade of B99.

B99 means that it is 99% biodiesel and 10% regular petrodiesel. This is really cool, and gets them most of the way off of petrodiesel. See, not all biodiesel blends are created equal. Most of the commercial grades (such as Bio-Willie) are only B20, which is 20% biodiesel and %80 petrodiesel.

These new Santa Cruz buses get their fuel from our own local Pacific Biofuel, so not only are they helping to lessen their dependence on fossil fuels, but they are helping the local economy. Now that is pretty cool.

Cool thing #2
You might not find this as cool, but I think it is pretty keen, and the first peek of the future of the web. What I am talking about is Frank Taylor's post over at Google Earth Blog. He talks about how a user has created a link between Wikipedia and Google Earth.

What this means is when you are flying around in Google Earth, an "active link" searches a part of the Wikipedia database and displays the 80 best entries in your view. Therefore, Google Earth is not just a cool thing to view your house in anymore. No! Now, it is a geographically based learning tool. This means that in Google Earth, you are able to view the difference between Cape Horn and False Cape Horn, and it becomes clear how sailors could have gotten the two confused. When you just read about them, it is much harder to get the full extent of both of these features.

I think this is the future of the web, because I see geography being another way to search for information. Just think if you could go to any city in Google Earth and be able to zoom in and be able to find stuff. Things like commercial services are starting to appear on Google Earth now, but I see in the future, everyone having their own piece of virtual "real estate", and that being their on-line profile. So, you could zoom over to another country and find some one's webspace.

See, it would be like a MySpace, but instead of doing a text search for the people that live in "Santa Cruz", you would fly over Santa Cruz in Google Earth and all these points would show up that would link to folks' on-line profiles.

It is the future, you just wait and see.

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