Thursday, March 30, 2006

Badges? The veggie car don't need no stinkin' badges

Here in California there is a new law. It seems that if you drive a hybrid car, you can buy a sticker that allows you to drive in the carpool (diamond) lane. Well, it turns out that the sticker is kind of ugly and that hybrid owners are a bit anal. This combination adds up to a bunch of cry-babies. Will forwarded me this very funny string of hybrid sticker bitchers.

Seems like most of these foolios live down in SoCal, where the traffic is really bad and they don't like to muck up their precious hybrids with a ugly sticker. Oh boo-hoo! I guess you folks aren't as "green" as you think, since non of them actually carpools. See, if you carpool you don't need a sticker. Wow, what a concept!

Well, the veggie car does not need any sticker! That is because I drive a few folks to work most everyday. Today there was a total of three people in the car on the way to work. However, even though I had three people in the car I did not drive in the carpool lane. That is because there is no carpool lane on Hwy 17, which is the way I get to work everyday.

I also don't subscribe to the "Ass, Gas, Grass or Cash" policy, because everyone rides for free!

I guess I have something in common with the SUV drivers... I also think most hybrid drives suck. (Except for Will, he is cool)

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that's funny.

I like it


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