Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Jessica Lurie Quartet

Went and saw Jessica Lurie last night at Don Quixotie's (click here for mp3's). There were not many folks there at all, but I saw Aric, so that was cool. You might know Jessica from her last project, Living Daylights. I saw the Living Daylights play at the High Sierra Music Festival a few times in the past.

It was a really great show, and Jessica is singing now and sounds great. I bought the CD and it is most excellent. I guess Jessica is living now in Brooklyn, but still has one foot in Seattle. I of course had to do some name dropping after the show and said I know Marc Fendel. I asked her if she had heard his new project, Swampdweller yet. She said no, but had just done a improv recording with him for some big band stuff, so that was great to hear.

Well, now you know the inside scoop about musicians you never heard of. Make sure to follow the links and download the free mp3s! Free mp3s are cool.

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