Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Virtual Podcast

I have always wanted to do podcasting. However, I don't have a fast connection, or a newer computer, so I have not done any yet. I was going to get a new computer and DSL and I was looking forward to doing podcasts. I wanted to share "my music" with all you out there. I had read in Rolling Stone how "They" weren't cracking down on people posting music in podcasts. Well, I guess times have changed, as you can read from this podcaster. Seems that "They" are now suing folks, so no more podcasts of cool music. That is a shame, because I wanted to do it too. I have only just recently looked for podcasts and I actually found some. I downloaded one and listened to it... It was lame. These guys were talking and talking. By the time they got around to playing music, the song they played was "Highway to Hell"... Lame.

Anyway, I have decided to do my own podcast, without recording anything, like me talking or whatnot. Just music for you to download. So here is my podcast, broken down into individual songs. I have found some good songs from bands I like and have put them in a list, just for you. Download them and play them in order and now you have my podcast... It is just split up into individual songs and I am not doing any talking. Just songs.

Podcast #1 Jam Bands
Bazooka Speaker Funk- Keller Williams
The Elevator- Particle
Devon 2000 Space Jam Live-Dr Didg
Pipe Bomb-Vinyl
Pudding- Jessica Lurie
Breath- Keller Williams
Eighty Cylinders- Yonder Mountain String Band
Square Dance Messiah- Hypnotic Clambake

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At 10:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey man...keep the jamband links coming


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