Sunday, February 05, 2006

Movies I have seen in the last week or so...

Hi there.

Well, looks like I have been on the web long enough to show up on I guess that is cool. Now maybe someone will find the site and read it. My goal with my original un-named site was to have strangers read it. In all the time I had the page, I am not sure if any strangers read it. I had lots of readers, but they all either knew me, or had a friend that knew me. I don't think anyone just randomly stumbled upon the page and became a regular reader. That was however before this whole "blog" thing got popular. Now maybe strange people will read my stuff! Ok strange ones, here is my reviews of the movies I have seen from netflix in the last week or so.

Deal: Let's Make a Deal documentary.
This was a lame documentary about a subject that I love, the gameshow "Let's Make A Deal". Since the subject matter to me was interesting, I would say the documentary was "ok", even though it was not made very well. I will give it props in trying to educate the viewers on the evils of TV. The documentary was made in 1978 and "exposed" the fact that the show was nothing more than a half an hour commercial for products. These products are pitched to housewives, who at the time, was the market that bought the most stuff. This show was designed to showcase stuff that your averge american family would want to have. By giving these products away, the station was able to circumvent the rule of minutes dedicated to commercials (the actual rules were a bit complicated and I did not quite understand them) Anyway, there were somekind of rules for advertising products that they were able to get around by using them as prizes.

All and all it was interesting as a successful marketing study. Speaking of successful marketing, we also saw the very, very excellent...

Merchants of cool
Whoa Nellie! This was a very excellent documentary, even though it was only an hour. It was a PBS Frontline documentary about marketing to teens. They are tricky. Basically the housewives market has been replaced with the teen market as the market that has the most money to spend. This is a great documentary about how the teens are tricked out of their money. Highly recommended.

The Pink Panther
This was the original from 1964. I had not seen it in so long, I did not remember any of it. Boy, it was not that funny. I can only imagine that the new one will be even worse.

End of the century: The Story of the Ramones
This is a must see for any fan of music or punk. You have to know your history. Watch Spinal Tap first and then this and trip out on the similarities.

Saving Face:
Yeah, hot Chinese lesbians that are nakked and making out. Oh, the rest of the movie was good too. No seriously, it was very well written and funny and cute.

Grizzly Man:
Freaky manic depressive gets eaten by grizzly! This movie is so bizarre that Len thought it must have been made up. It isn't, but it could be.

From Ape to Man:
This was a cool history channel show that was about the folks that dug up our prehistoric relatives.

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At 10:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous William here,

I watched Grizzly Man last night.

True, it is bizarre and hard to believe it is not real.

Interesting that the guy's father claims that he was second to Woody Harrelson for the part of "woody" in Cheers.

The guy is in the wild filming himself as grizzly bears are standing right behind him and he worries about his hair...

The interesting dialogue is that between the people who either respect "grizzly man's" actions and those who don't respect him at all and think he's an idiot. Did your wife say "stupid!" I'm curious.

Still got the last 4 scenes to go so I'll write more then.

At 12:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excuse me,

Hard to believe it is real...


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