Friday, March 17, 2006

Local Bigfoot Sightings

Being a member of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum, I get the inside scoop on any local sightings here in the Felton area with the best documented sighting being this one. That being said, I always like to hear about sightings from the BFRO. The BFRO just posted a new sighting from the Ventana Wilderness. You can read about it here. I have been out that way, but have never seen a bigfoot. However, I do have pictures from the area this sighting took place. Check them out.


From the description of the BFRO sighting in the Ventana Wilderness, I am pretty sure that this shot was taken right in the general area of the sighting. You can see the brush is pretty thick.

Here is a shot of the Carmel River.


As always, you can view more pictures of the Carmel River in the Ventana Wilderness at my Flickr Account I also uploaded at Flickr all my pictures of Round Lake if anyone is interested, you just might have to poke around the site to get them all.

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