Monday, February 20, 2006

My very first webpage.

So, I was just poking around and found my very old skateboard web page from the year 2000. It is an old geocities page and you can see it here. There is actually a very cool dogtown sticker picture on the site. Who would have known at that time that dogtown would have been so big. I collected most of the pictures from ebay. The page is actually a pretty good skateboard history page.

I invited Will to be a poster here on, so now we have another team member. It also seems that Will got himself a blog and is posting also. You can check out his page here. He has posted a very interesting story about the Baltimore Train tunnel.

I also got the address to Nate's page. It seems that a few of the folks have an on-line presence. Anyway, check out Nate's page here.


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