Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Tuck & Patti

Just got back from Tuck and Patti. Wow, was that ever an amazing show. Tuck plays guitar and Patti sings. Simple, but very powerfull. We saw it at the Kuumba Jazz Center in downtown Santa Cruz. It was also a dinner show, so we got dinner and then the show started. The songs I recognized were "Fools Rush In", you know, the same one Elvis covered. Also, Al Green's "I'm Still In Love With You", was another one I recognized. They are a husband and wife team and have been playing together for over 27 years. We were so close to the stage, I could have spit on them. I would not, but I could have. That is how close we were. It was really great to see the interaction between the two and how they communicated about the song changes. Truly amazing. If you want to listen to some of their mp3's, check out this link.

Hey, this flickr.com thing is pretty cool. It is easy to post some pictures, so let's do that eh?

Here is sunset at Prewitt Ridge in Big Sur. This is from last year when we went camping in Big Sur.

Sunset 2, Prewitt Ridge

Here is the sunrise from the same spot.

sunrise and fog prewitt ridge

Pretty neat eh?


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