Monday, February 13, 2006

Weekend Update-Big Sur and Alba road.

Well, it is another weekend gone. Loverboy said it best you know. Or do you know? What, you don't listen to Loverboy? I don't either, but I know what they said... "Everybody's Working For the Weekend". That is what I did, and now it is over. I did not think that it would be interesting to write about the weekend, but then I saw this blog, and it seems that this guy talks about his weekend, so I figure it is ok. Well, it is only ok to talk about the weekend if it was exciting. Considering I am getting over a cold and I gave it to Anji, it was pretty mellow. We did get to get out to Big Sur for lunch on Saturday. Big Sur is really not that far from the house. Only like 1 hour and a half. The Pebble Beach golf thingy was going on, but that did not really bother us. They seem to have good traffic control for that event and it was smooth sailing down past Caramel. By the time we got to Caramel Highlands, the road was pretty much empty. That was strange, because it was a really sunny day. Anyway, we made it down to the River Inn and ate lunch outside overlooking the river. I took a picture with my cameraphone. I need to get some kind of flicker account or something so I can start to post pictures here, so as for now, you can't see the shot. It is nice thought. At the River Inn, there was some cool art. This artist had taken pictures of the Big Sur area and then printed them on canvas with some kind of paint stuff. They were very well done and cool looking. After that, we came home.

On Sunday it was another nice day. I worked in the yard. I transplanted primroses. Yeah. Later that day we went up to the Boulder Creek Brewery to get some chow. That place is pretty good, and the beer is tasty. On the way home we decided to take a new road that we had never been on. We took Alba road up to Empire Grade. Then we followed Empire Grade all the way down to UCSC. It is funny how you can live somewhere and not see specific places unless you make the effort. We were only a couple of miles from our house, but since Empire Grade is "out of the way", we had never been on it.

Sometimes it is fun to play tourist in your own backyard.

Oh, I just signed up for flicker and figured out how to post my cameraphone picture. Let's see if this works...



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