Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Good Bigfoot stories.

I am a believer in bigfoot. I think they are real and living in our forests, unseen. My friends ask how I can believe such an outlandish thing, but I have read a lot of sightings. I think these people are telling the truth. Not everyone is telling the truth, but I believe some people are. Here are some of the better stories that I think are true. If these folks are lying, they are doing a good job, and anyway, it makes for some good reading.

Check out these stories from the BFRO, hand picked by me.

Guy is so scared of bigfoot he sells his business.

Professional Woodsman has lengthy sighting.

Bigfoot seen next to only know pictograph of Bigfoot in California.

Is this guy lying?

Person and pack-goats have close encounter.

So, what is the deal? Are these people just lying, and "making up a story"? What about the Indian pictographs? Maybe that is just a Hollywood set or something? Yes, just keep saying that to yourself over and over and everything will be ok...



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