Friday, February 10, 2006

Felton Jam House session 3 is posted.

Yep, that is right. We have the third session of the rockinest "non-band" on the net posted. This is a very good session and marks the first time you get to hear Angel on guitar. This session consists of Angel on guitar, Will on bass, me on drums, and Anji singing. Aric also plays some drums on the songs that I sing on. He is also playing some keyboards on various songs too. I know I have the dates all wrong, but whatever, at least they are posted. This session has my very favorite song, Tomorrow Never Comes, with me singing like some kind of heavy metal star. Another good song is Furiously 80's with the great lyrics by Anji. Don't forget now, that these songs are made up on the spot, so when the lyrics come together it is pretty cool. Anyway, go check it out.


At 4:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


The best session - I think.

Furiously 80's doesn't really get furiously 80's until the end of the song.
Otherwise it is a jammer -
Some good, pretty chord changes in the begining. Trippy music with weird spatial keyboard sounds for another part, and iraqi music for another part of it - where I tried to force a reggaeton rhythm. Then, it goes Katrina and the Waves at the end and rocks!
Wait, that's not funny anymore (Katrina and the Waves)

Tomorrow Never Comes - "Can you feel it 'yeah!'" Greg goes Rob Halford on our sh%^!

One Last Song is a gem. Anji makes up the good words and it was a good groovy group effort - go Angel!

At 4:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yeah,

Hard to Know - Tribute to Les Claypool


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